Pittsburgh Road Trip 2017: Day 3 & 4

Pittsburgh Road Trip 2017: Day 3 & 4


(Somehow) The next morning we went back to the South Side for Local Bar + Kitchen's infamous brunch that we’ve drooled over on their Instagram page for years. I ordered a mimosa (why not right?) and a meal of scrambled eggs (blah), french toast (meh) and brunch potatoes (yasss).

We went across the street to Mario’s South Side Saloon to try their mimosas that we saw advertised on their Facebook page. The waitress apparently misunderstood the word "glass" for "carafe" and brought these huge things out! We basically paid $7 USD for the photo of it because there was no way we were even making a dent out of these things.

After drowning in alcohol, we went back to the hotel to change quickly before taking the free subway to PNC Park for the St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Pirates game.

Look who made an appearance again ;)

George Kontos

We were smart and knew to pick the first base/right outfield side of the park that would have less sun during an afternoon game. We bought the tickets during the MLB All Star Voting period so that provided us with a code for half price tickets. It came to around $25 USD/each for seats we were really happy with.

With our savings we purchased food at the game and I got a Cuban sandwich with a giant bottle of water that lasted me the whole game (which it should for $6.75 USD!)  

It was so hot at the game I thought my underwear had disintegrated into thin air. TMI? Sorry.

Pirates won!!!

We were still full from eating at the game, so we waited till around 9pm to eat dinner. We walked from our hotel to the Market Square to a little placed called Winghart's Burger & Whiskey Bar where we sat on the patio for a late night meal. I ordered the Percephone salad which I knew came with pepperoncinis, but I didn’t know they were going to be shaved ones all throughout the salad. My mouth was on fiireeeeee!!!! We also split the White Truffle Aioli fries, which TripAdvisor reviews recommended, and they were delicious.

Day 4

We made use of the free subway again and took it to the Allegany stop to get to Heinz Field. We pre-booked a tour of the football stadium online before we left. It was only $8 USD/person and I would highly recommended it. Honestly Jess and I know pretty much nothing about football and we only wanted to go because they’ve held Winter Classic hockey games at this venue in the past.

We figured we would never actually attend a football game here (even if we went to a cheap one I’m sure it would be more than $8 USD), so this was a perfect tour for us to see the stadium in a small group of about 25 people with a tour guide.

Heinz Field

It was so much better than what we were expecting. The beginning of the tour started with a history of the team and previous stars on the roster and then went into a history of the building itself and the story behind the Terrible Towel.

We then got to go to field level (not on the grass but beside it) where we were able to see Section 527, the section where ex- Pens player Jordan Staal had to run up to in NHL 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic. Yes everything does revolve around hockey for us.

We were able to see inside the Steelers locker room (one kid ran across the logo!!!!), the University of Pittsburgh’s locker room as well as the visiting teams locker room.

The Press Box was one of my favourite stops on the tour as well as the luxury suites, which he told us cost around $148,000 USD for the year. (Of course Jess took a selfie in the suites bathroom mirror…)

We were then able to sit in the seats to take some pictures before the tour was over. In total it lasted about 1 hour 45 minutes and we were able to visit the merch store after where we both purchased a magnet version of the terrible towel.

After we left the stadium we headed to Rivers Casino again to actually eat a meal at The Wheelhouse. We decided to sit outside on the patio for the view, but it was so hot out we felt like we were suffocating. I ordered the club house and the portion was so huge I barely ate any of it.

We took the subway back to our hotel and retrieved our luggage that the front desk was storing for us during the day, which was really convenient. We hurried over to the Greyhound station to catch our bus back to Erie around 3:30pm.

The sad feeling of ending our Candy Land journey immediately set in as we boarded the bus and headed out of the city.

No matter how many times we visit or how long we stay, it never seems like enough for us. We’re thinking about maybe coming back for a Flyers @ Pens game in March to see the heated rivalry in person. In the meantime we have tickets to see them play Buffalo in December to tide us over.


Open Mic:

1. What is the best sports venue would you suggest touring in your city?

2. What hotel in Pittsburgh do you think has the best perks?

3. What is your favourite city to visit/why?

*Photos in this post are a combination of my own and from Jess.

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