Packing My Bedroom: A Snapshot into Youth

Packing My Bedroom: A Snapshot into Youth

October 2017


While I’m not quite a candidate to appear on an episode of Hoarders I sure am a huge pack rat. I re-discovered this fact while in the process of packing up my bedroom to move into my own home at the end of September. I started packing mid August- that fact alone is a huge accomplishment for me, as I’m commonly known as a “Kevin” to my friends and family when it comes to packing.



I remember when my Mom removed the kid-themed border from the walls when I was around age 13. She asked what I wanted to replace the old border with. I told her I was going to make my own wallpaper by putting up posters on the walls (this was in the heyday of Teen Beat and J-14 magazine). I'm sure she regrets the decision to let me do that now.

Over the years images of Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears eventually morphed into My Chemical Romance articles and most recently Avenged Sevenfold material resided on my walls with tape so sticky I fear the hours of sanding it will take to achieve smooth surfaces again.

My bedroom was basically a time capsule of posters, photos in frames, high school memorabilia, hockey related merchandise and CDs. 

Be prepared for the before:

Old Bedroom
Protest The Hero

As you can see I’m a huge fan of Canadian band Protest the Hero and these posters are from shows/online purchases. A friend gave me the middle one which was signed by the band back in 2006 when they were on Warped Tour.

This is where I stored my makeup/hair products. I intend on really revamping this set up in my new place. I will most likely cave and buy the IKEA Alex drawers that are commonly found in beauty rooms of YouTubers.

Make Up

My hockey shrine corner! Anyone who knows me knows I love all things hockey, especially anything related to the Pittsburgh Penguins. My best friend and I even drove to Pittsburgh when they won the Stanley Cup in 2016. (Click here to read that blog post). I collected these pieces from really random locations such as department stores that closed down, flea markets and liquidation stores.

Old Room

I expanded to the ceiling!

Old Room

My future husband, I mean M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, made for a great view when I did my makeup in the mirror. My best friend never knew how I got ready in a room covered in pictures of the hottest guy in music. Oh all the money spent on magazines (and tape) to achieve this. 

Old Room
Old Room

I purchased the top My Chemical Romance photo online as part of band member Frank Iero’s photo series that he sold back in 2010. I LOVE this print and want to hang this in my bedroom at my new house. It says “California 2019” on it and features artwork from their album Danger Days. It’s also signed by the members on the back. The bottom print was given to me by an ex-boyfriend so as pretty as it is I’m thinking about selling it.

My obsession with the TV series The O.C! This was the first of my wallpapering I created when I started high school. I was obsessed with this show and wanted nothing more than to be Marissa Cooper! These were put on with scotch tape and not masking tape like the others so I feared the outcome after removal but it was actually fine. 

The OC

The closet. Oh the struggle of trying to even fit a pinky finger in-between those hangers is a thought I try to avoid. Probably the best thing of having my own place will be all the storage I get all to myself!

After this photo was taken my best friend and I thoroughly went through my clothes and purged my wardrobe of a large U-haul sized box full of items. It seemed like each item had a story attached to them: my 24th birthday dress, a dress worn in Pittsburgh, my favourite jeans that now couldn’t go up past my knees. 

I ended up selling a majority of my items at a garage sale we had a week later and on Kijiji Canada. In total I made around $140 CAD from items like these that I was just going to get rid of. 

Old Room

On the top shelf of the closet was another whole bin of clothing fun. It consisted of all my old band t-shirts that I had collected from concerts, Hot Topic, eBay, etc.

Most of them were of My Chemical Romance so I’ve put them into a collage or this photo gallery would exceed my blog’s bandwidth. I also found a stack of old magazines that featured the band as well. I’m thinking of listing them on eBay as they might sell for good money as they are old and rare items, but the other half of me wants to hang on to them.

My Official Fan Club Halestorm “Drink To Us” photo is totally coming with me to my new house. I figured it would be perfect to display in a mini bar area.


Fun things I found:

- My real 21st birthday photo album. Not the one you create to show your family, but you know, the one with the real photos from the night where your fake eyelashes are half off, the hotel bathtub is full of ice you've jacked from the lobby’s machine and occupied with booze, and the typical binge eating fast food at 3am type of photography.

- Halloween costumes. So my mom stopped making my costumes around age 14 and then I started to “design” my own at age 19. Let’s be real- they were basically lingerie and ears. Some of the stuff I dug up had me literally laughing out loud and wondering how the hell I ever fit into some of these sizes?!?

- My Backstreet Boy sticker album collection. Why oh why after all this time do I still have this?

- I also found my dairies! A solid three of them filled to the brim with photos, scraps of high school mementos, ramblings of things I thought were important at the time, a list of every hot guy in school, you know- all the shit that seems like the world at the time and now you look back and laugh at how silly you were. Re-reading these were so cringe worthy I barely got through 5 pages.

Old Room

I love my Mom, she took down all my wall photos and preserved them by removing the tape off the back and put them in a large envelope for me. Here are some updated photos of the room since packing everything up and moving into my new house.

After packing photos: 


So it’s finally all done! I’m in my new house now and I’m leaving a bare room for my Dad to sand his life away in. If anyone is interested I’m thinking of posting some before and after pictures of my new house on my blog.

Happy unpacking to me when I have to find a new spot for all this junk, I mean treasure, of mine.

Open Mic:

1. What is the most random thing you’ve found while packing up your room?

2. What are some tips and tricks you have for packing/unpacking? (I’m not that experienced enough to enlighten anyone about this task)

3. What websites do you use to sell items you want to get rid of besides Kijiji?

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