End of Fall Value Village Thrift Haul

End of Fall Value Village Thrift Haul

November 19, 2017


There’s nothing I love more than a good deal, so when Value Village sent out an email advertising 50% off all their clothing, accessories, shoes, bed and bath items I made sure not to miss the sale. I guess everyone else had the same idea because my local store was pure madness. Everyone there were digging through the racks like savages, even the little old ladies were in on the action.

Value Village

I love thrifting, but find the prices at my Value Village quite high for what the clothing quality is. There are not really many high-end or brand names to be found (not that I’m really interested in that aspect of thrifting anyway), and a lot of pieces can be found for similar prices brand new in stores when they are on sale. That’s why I find it fun with a 50% off deal and make a day of it. My end of summer thrift haul also took place during their last 50% off sale.

My best friend and I arrived 15 minutes after the store opened and there was only one buggy left (re: savages). We usually divide and concur and then continuously meet up throughout the trip to load things into the buggy I always seem to get stuck pushing.

I have no idea what my hands are doing here...this was taken hours after digging through the racks. 

I have no idea what my hands are doing here...this was taken hours after digging through the racks. 

We ended up with about 20 items each to try on so we took a number like we were in line at a local deli and waited our turn. They let me take the buggy into the change room, which left me very little room to maneuver so no photos were taken during the try-on, which I was actually going to try this time.

In the end we both only bought a few of the items we tried on. I bought 7 pieces and there was a strong theme of denim and studs.

The Haul: 

I gave a list of my thrifting tips and tricks in my last thrift blog where I mentioned I like to shop the men’s section for myself as well. I found this size medium men’s soft flannel for $5. It still had its original store tag on it for $34.

Value Village

My friend actually found this black 89th & Madison size medium cardigan with weave and grommet design first, but she didn’t like the way it looked on her. I gave it a try and I loved it. It felt like it had never been washed. With the sale it was $5.50.

I’ve been looking for a jean jacket for a while, but could never find one that suited me. The wash would either be too light, or the fit would either be cropped or an oversized '80s vibe, which I wasn’t going for. I was also looking for one with some warmth and not just for fashion.

Not going to lie, trying this on while also wearing blue jeans gave me all the Britney/Justin jean on jean American Music Award vibes. Once I tried it on with some black jeans I loved it. This is originally from Bootlegger (Brody Jeans) size large for $8.50. It currently retails in a lighter version for $112 on their website.

This is going to be some TMI here, but the only jeans I can find that give my butt shape when I stand up, but can also sit down in, are from American Eagle. Other jeans will fit me in the waist but I can’t sit down in them, or they will fit in the legs but give my ass dumpy diaper butt.

I usually don’t browse the jean section very thoroughly, but they had a lot of denim in stock so we took a look. I found this dark wash boot cut pair in size 9 short for $6.50. (I love finding “short” jeans. Being just 5’ 3” tall I don’t have to hem them!)

The tag didn’t look that good of quality but the jeans were in great shape. I mainly check the crotch area for signs of chub rub and there was barely any wear. Remember that TMI I spoke of earlier?....

These  American Eagle black ones are straight leg size 10 that I found for $7.50. With the discount these are amazing prices for American Eagle jeans. I remember last winter I bought 2 pairs from their store in the USA and they came to $75 USD!

The last two items are accessories. I got rid of most of my punk belts when I purged my closet before I moved as most of them were from high school and had tons of wear marks on them. I missed them though and found this never been worn looking black with silver studs one for $2.50.

I also bought this stretchy elastic belt that joins together in the middle and is surrounded in mini gold studs. I have a belt similar in style to this one and I wear the hell out of it, so I figured this would be a staple in my wardrobe. It was $3.50.

In total we spent 4 hours there from start to finish and I spent $44 inc tax.

Until next season’s haul, happy thrifting!


Open Mic:

1. What do you think of the prices at your local thrift stores?

2. How much time do you usually spend thrifting during a visit?

3. What type of sales/discounts do your local thrift stores have?

* All prices in CAD $ unless otherwise noted differently. 

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