Pittsburgh Penguins @ Buffalo Sabres Hockey Game

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Buffalo Sabres Hockey Game

KeyBank Center

Buffalo, NY

December 1, 2017


This was the first time in history that my best friend Jess and I attended a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game in weather that wasn’t a blizzard. Snow is usually stacked up to our knees, with the roads covered in a sheet of ice and a visibility of zero. Dare I say it was even sunny out this time when we took off from home to cross over the New York border.

A bit blurry, but look at those cotton candy coloured skies.

Hockey Game

We crossed the US border around 5:30pm and parked near the arena. The parking lots in the area cost anywhere from $8-$15 USD depending on the location. All of them are a close walk to the area and seem quite safe since most people are walking in large groups all headed to the KeyBank Center.

I purchased our hockey tickets off of StubHub back in the beginning of October. Through past experience I’ve found that StubHub is actually a cheaper alternative than purchasing directly through the team’s website. We got seats in the upper 300 level row 7 for $70 USD/person. Now, I know closer to the date they get cheaper, but we wanted to guarantee a ticket to the game so we decided to pay a little more and buy early.


The arena hands out a free program that is convenient (it used to include roster pictures of both teams which I miss) and has some free things for fans to do before the game. They always seem to be switching up what they are promoting and that night it was getting your photo taken and having them make it into sports card.

This activity seemed to be geared towards children, but we didn’t care and wanted one too. Big mistake since that low, child level height camera didn’t do us any favours. We received two physicals copies and it was sent to my email as well. I don’t think anyone would draft us for their team. #lastpick

The food at KeyBank Center is pretty decent from what I’ve tried there over the years. Jess had wanted to try their sushi for a few games now and finally got the chance to. It was $10 USD for a large portion, but she said it was just OK.

I decided on getting the chicken tacos. They were 3 for $10 USD, which I didn’t think was a horrible price for arena food. They had a lot of chicken in them and choice of toppings, which I chose lettuce, tomatoes and hot salsa.


About 30 minutes to puck drop both teams came out for the pre-game skate. I swear I would honestly buy a ticket simply just for the warm-ups.

Game Time! Let's Go Boys! 

Later I bought a salted pretzel with jalapeno cheese sauce to dip it in for $6.75 USD. It honestly wasn’t that great and I kept referring to it as “hot carbs”.


Some love for the Buffalo Sabres. I not so secretly have a huge crush on centerman Ryan O’Reilly who my boyfriend likes to refer to as a “homeless looking guy in a suit.”

Jess liked to call this Sidney Crosby’s “Eager Beaver” pose as he looked like he was ready to pounce over the boards at any moment.


As if I needed to consume even more calories, we each got a hot chocolate for $2.75 USD before the 3rd period started.

Hot Chocolate

If we had won the 50/50 I wouldn’t be typing this blog from my snow covered Canadian home that’s for sure.

As much as I love watching Sidney Crosby basically do anything, it was a very boring game if I’m being completely honest. It was very one sided (clearly with the 4-0 win), no having to review goals, no mouthing off, no fights, none of that.

It was a good night for goalie Tristan Jarry though as he recorded his first NHL shutout.

After the game we went to Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino to trade in our hockey tickets for $10 USD in free slot play. They offer this as part of their Free Play Ticket Exchange. I would recommend signing up for a player’s card before the game to avoid having to do this later. 

Jess was the big winner of the night winning $50 USD in one pull on a slot machine using the free play. I won a solid $3.60 USD, which I was actually fine with. It paid for the drink I desperately needed because that casino’s air quality is equivalent to being inside a Marlboro factory.

The next game we have tickets for is when the Colorado Avalanche play Buffalo at the beginning of March, so look out for a post consisting of lots of Landeskog and MacKinnon photos.


Open Mic:

1. What hockey games have you attended this year?

2. What arena in your opinion has the best food options?

3. Where is your favourite place to sit in the arena for the best view?


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