My Top 10 Most Listened to Songs in 2017

My Top 10 Most Listened to Songs in 2017

Do you ever just listen to a new released song and then keep hitting replay until you’ve lost count as to how many times you’ve actually listened to it? You sort of get lost in it and find something great about it the more times you listen to it.

Music is a huge part of my everyday life and has been since before the invention of the compact disc. In celebration of the New Year tomorrow I’ve decided to count down my Top 10 Most Listened to Songs that were released this past year.  

These are the tracks that stood out the most to me for various reasons, which I will explain for each one below. The type of music I listen to is also all over the map so I can’t exactly put a specific genre on this list. Not all of them are singles or in heavy radio rotation, so I hope someone will maybe even discover an artist they’ve never heard of while reading this list.

I’ve also included my favourite lyrics from each track- some are the words itself and some are just the way they are sung that make them stand out to me. Put your headphones in as each song links to their YouTube video :)

Into the Fire (Acoustic Version) by Asking Alexandria (Asking Alexandria)

I was so happy when Danny Worsnop returned to Asking Alexandria in late 2016 or this song wouldn’t exist. Per the title it is the acoustic version of the song and I find it lets the lyrics really stand out compared to the original version. It also showcases how well of an actual singer he has become over the years and not just soley a screamer like in previous AA songs. I thought it was cool that Matt Good was the producer of this album as I remembered him from his days in From First To Last.

“From a cage I created, to a hell that heaven made/Can't let go of the hatred cause I love the way it tastes”

Summer Bummer by Lana Del Rey ft. A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti (Lust For Life)

I find you either love or hate her style of music right from first listen and I’m one of those people that has loved Lana Del Rey’s voice since the moment I heard her single Video Games back in 2012. As a whole album this isn’t my personal favourite of hers but I’m in love with this song. It’s an upbeat song, which is rare in itself for her, but her soft melodic voice paired with the rapped parts has this song on repeat for me.

“Uh, her sophistication makes you wanna quit the bitch you datin'”

Meaning of Life by Kelly Clarkson (Meaning of Life)

I remember cheering on Kelly Clarkson in my living room back when she won American Idol back in 2012. Since then I’ve bought a few of her CDs and have even seen her in concert a few times, but I have to admit I never thought she was as great as she was when she performed on the show. Every song she would release just seemed so fake and boring and unoriginal. When I heard this song for the first time I swear I listened to it 50 times in a row. Her vocals are amazing on the track and so soulful I feel like I’m listening to a gospel track.

“When I'm lost I just look in your eyes/You show me the meaning of life”

Heaven in Hiding by Halsey (hopeless fountain kingdom)

I have to admit that the only reason I know Halsey exists is her singing in that annoying overplayed song by The Chainsmokers that if I never heard again I’d be OK with. Despite my annoyance I looked into her solo work and was surprised by pretty much every track on her second studio album. It was hard to just pick one as my favourites but I went with this one because of her powerful vocals on this track.

“Can you hear my heartbeat fucking kickin'?/Your eyes light up 'cause you best believe”

High by Danny Worsnop (The Long Road Home)

This was from the solo project of Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria who is also featured in this list. When I heard he was coming out with a country-esque record I wasn’t sure if I would like it, as I was so used to his loud powerful vocals in AA. I was wrong and really enjoy this CD. After my first initial listen I knew this was my favorite song off of it. I think you would have to follow his journey from being in AA and his struggles within the band and then him leaving the group to pursue his solo work to fully understand his meaning behind the song, but the lyrics are also so relatable at the same time you could pair it with any situation in life. If I could copy and paste the entire song lyrics here I would as the whole song is that good.

“I've been so high, been on top of the world/God tell me why was it taken away right out from under me/If home is where the heart is, what happens when the heart breaks?”

Lacrymosa by Evanescence (Synthesis)

You may think this song was released earlier than 2017 and you would be right. It was originally released on their album The Open Door in 2006. Evanescence has re-done a few of their tracks from their musical catalog and created some new ones and put them on their new album Synthesis that came out this year. I’ve wished that I could sing and be as beautiful as Amy Lee since I was 12 years old and basically love anything she creates, but this track is one of my all time favourites.

The vocals on the new version are much more powerful and don’t get lost in the music like I find the original one does. This one has a choral sound to it and you can picture a huge orchestra in your head while listing to it.

“And you can blame it on me/Just set your guilt free, honey/I don't want to hold you back now love”

Half God Half Devil by In This Moment (Ritual)

In April I went to an In This Moment concert with the tour being called Half God Half Devil before this song was even released. It is by far my favorite track off the album that came out a few months later. It goes from being dark, loud and powerful to soft, and melodic and then back again all throughout the song.

“I've been to hell and back and now it's just a part of me/Without the darkness there'd be no light in me”

Malagueña Salerosa by Avenged Sevenfold (The Stage Deluxe)

If I’m going to be real here, which I always am, I really don’t like the direction that Avenged Sevenfold went with their latest album. I find it soooo boring and that the songs aren’t very distinct. Maybe I need to give it yet another listen in full to understand it, but as of right now I am not a fan. What I am a fan of though is this Mexican song they did as part of a series of cover songs they included in the deluxe version of The Stage.

I have no idea what it means but I love the way M. Shadows sings on this track.  It makes me feel like I’m dancing on a hot summer night drinking alcohol with friends at an outdoor patio.

“Como el candor de una rosa/Y decirte niña hermosa”

Mercy by Bishop Briggs (Music from the Motion Picture xXx: Return of Xander Cage)

If you’ve ever heard of the artist Bishop Briggs you more than likely know her for her popular single River.  Mercy was on a soundtrack to a movie I did not see, but somehow stumbled upon it on YouTube when I was listening to her other music. I immediately fell in love with it just like I did with her other songs. She creates an amazing balance of soft and delicate vocals and then adds in powerful and loud choruses. I’ve watched some of her live performances and they sound just like her CD so I’m excited to see if she has any tour dates near me in 2018.

“And let it run, let it all fall away/You don't give a damn if I leave or I stay”

Don’t Stop by Nothing More ft. Jacoby Shaddix (The Stories We Tell Ourselves)

After playing the hell out of their last album I was eagerly looking forward to hearing what they were going to release next. This song starts off very strange and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. His vocals also start off very high pitched and distorted, but then flow into his regular tone. This song was being played constantly on Sirius XM Octane and it grew on me and is now one of my favourite songs by the band. I also loved the vocal addition of Papa  Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix in the bridge.

“I ain't waiting on the world to wake up/You never need luck when you don’t stop”

Bonus Track

New Man/Eraser Live by Ed Sheeran @ ÷ Release Party (Originals are on ÷)

I know this is a live performance and technically isn’t a real song found on a CD, but I played the shit out of this mash up when it came out. Any Ed Sheeran song I hear I love it a million times more when it’s being played live. These two songs blend together so easy you would never know it’s different tracks put together. I love the flow of the chorus and all the ironic lyrics that are littered throughout it. I basically have a huge crush on this ginger and any excuse to watch him perform suits me just fine. Hope you enjoy it too.

“Your new man rents a house in the burb, and wears a man bag on his shoulder but I call it a purse”

Well, we’ve made it to the end of the list! I look forward to reading other people’s list and that you’ve possibly discovered some new songs or artists after reading this.  I hope you received some new headphones for Christmas as I’m sure there will be a lot more music listening to do in 2018.

Happy New Year!


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