Chocolate Making/ CN Tower/ Disturbed Concert Weekend

Chocolate Making/ CN Tower/ Disturbed Concert Weekend

Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

Toronto, ON

August 2016


Story Soundtrack:

- Let Me Live My Life by Saint Asonia

- I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin

- Indestructible by Disturbed


Have you ever been to the same city 100+ times but still like to play sightseer when you visit? That’s what my boyfriend and I did this past summer in Toronto when we immersed ourselves in tourist life when we visited for the weekend.

We drove up on a Sunday afternoon to our beautiful Airbnb that I booked. It was in a quiet neighbourhood about a 45-minute drive from downtown’s hustle and noise. Our place was actually a converted garage of the house that had all the necessities we needed. It had a beautiful bathroom, pull down Murphy bed, mini bar fridge and air conditioning. The best part of this place was the landscaped yard with an inviting pool that we could use.  

After settling in we actually drove 25 minutes towards the city to a small coffee shop called The Mad Bean. This was the location hosting a truffle chocolate making workshop I had booked online through Groupon. The company is called Chocolate Tales and is normally quite expensive, but with Groupon’s 55% off we paid $39 CAD/each. It was then an additional $19 CAD/person because we wanted to upgrade to the truffle making class, as only the normal chocolate making class was included with this particular deal.

Since it was quite a small place there was only around 12 of us there, which was nice. We started off with an introduction to the history of truffles and then went through the types. We made our own ganache and coloured chocolate to design our truffles with later.

We were given different sized shapes to cut the chocolate out with and different toppings such as cocoa, coconut and crushed nuts. This was so messy and was much harder than I thought it was going to be, but I would definitely try it again as the company offers a variety of workshops.

The next morning we drove the 45 minutes (tons of traffic) downtown to the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre (parking lot as we were attending a Disturbed concert there later that night. Parking was limited so we wanted to get a spot early ($25 CAD for the day). We then got in line for the CN Tower. I have never been up the CN Tower despite visiting the area a ton of times. I had read on Trip Advisor about the long wait times after 12pm and at this point it was already 1pm.

The line outside just to get in took around 25 minutes, then once we went through security another 25 minutes to get to the front of the line where you could buy tickets. While in line, I checked to see if I could pre-purchase tickets and show them on a mobile phone and you could. So I quickly purchased our 2 tickets ($36 CAD/each) so when we got to the front we showed the worker and went into a line that would bring us to the top. If I hadn’t it would have been at least another hour in line just to simply buy tickets. Once inside though, it still took us another hour just to get to the top of the tower, as it was that crowded!

CN Tower

Once we finally made it we spent around an hour exploring. It was a great view from the top as we got to see many Toronto landmarks from the top such as the venue we would be seeing the concert at later. We also saw the Air Canada Centre, Steam Whistle Brewing, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada and the Rogers Centre from the top. The tower is both indoor and outdoor.

We had also purchased a $12 CAD/each add-on to go 33 feet higher in the tower called SkyPod. This was money well spent, as it was a lot less crowded in this area and better to take photos, as there were no wire fences blocking views.

After all the waiting to get up the tower, getting back down was just as painful as it was another 30-minute wait for the elevator! I would recommend going for lunch prior to going up tower, as food was expensive there.

We arrived to the concert around 5:30pm and proceeded to the lawn area where our tickets were. I purchased these tickets through Groupon as well for $20 CAD/each. We usually go early and set up a blanket where the grass section meets the concrete walkway for the best viewing area. For some reason if only 400 seats are available for your concert I would recommend just getting lawn tickets as it's practically the same area, usually cheaper and if you have a big body in your way you can always move.


The opening acts were Saint Asonia (ex Three Days Grace lead singer), Alter Bridge and Breaking Benjamin.

This was my second time seeing Disturbed and my boyfriend’s first. They were much better than when I had seem them previously as it was in a small crowded club where I could only see heads and never actually saw any of their set. They played 14 songs including some of my favourites: Inside The Fire, Indestructible and Stricken. You can find the full set list here.

Be prepared for a slow exit out of the venue and a long walk to the Exhibition GO train station if you are taking that mode of transportation (about a 15 minute walk). We’ve had luck exiting the parking lot quickly as the parking is limited and there is a set of lights at the intersection.

Here is a short video I took of their encore song Down With the Sickness. Looking forward to many more concerts to come!

Open Mic:

1. What is your favourite tourist attraction to visit in your hometown?

2. Have you used Airbnb in your travels before?

3. What websites/apps do you use to get deals on activities?

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