Ed Sheeran World Tour 2017

Ed Sheeran World Tour 2017

KeyBank Center

Buffalo, NY

July 9th, 2017


Story Soundtrack:

- New Man by Ed Sheeran

- Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran

- You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (Live) by Ed Sheeran


I know this blog is normally reserved for hard rock and loud music orientated concerts with artists that scream metal with their tattoos, piercings and dark attire, but last Sunday I switched gears and attended an Ed Sheeran concert.

To be quite honest Ed Sheeran isn’t too far off from the aforementioned profile.  With his arms adorned in colourful tattoos, relaxed dress code of a simple black t-shirt and jeans and a music catalog that could mould into pretty much any genre, he was definitely a rock god on stage. This rocker just happens to have red hair.

I (not so) secretly have a huge crush on the ginger and purchased tickets to his World Tour at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, NY the day they went on sale in March. I didn’t need to be super close to the stage so I chose the cheapest ticket option. For two tickets in Section 303 Row 11 it came to $99.30 USD, which I thought was a reasonable price for an artist as popular as Sheeran currently is.


Coming down from Canada on a Summer weekend I gave my boyfriend and I plenty of time to cross the Peace Bridge border, which was smart since we were there a good hour sucking in exhaust fumes. Parking lots in the surrounding area of the arena range from $8-$15 USD from what I noticed. We parked and walked 5 minutes to an amazing restaurant called Pearl Street Grill & Brewery that is set in a 4-level brick warehouse style building built in 1870.

Pearl Street

I’ve been there many times in the past and their food never disappoints me. The wait to be seated was an hour and a half, but we were able to find a seat on the second level where we could order food from the bar. It was still about an hour before we received our food, but was worth the wait and was cooked perfectly despite the fact they were packed.

We ordered the Sausage Stuffed Hot Peppers with pita bread ($9 USD) to start, and then ordered a Beef on Weck and a Chicken Pesto Wrap ($10.75 USD) as our main courses. I quickly took some food pictures. Border Wait + Finding Parking+ Walking to Restaurant + More Waiting= Fungry.

We walked back to the arena and spent some time looking out at the water on the Canalside, where many boats were just docking for the day. They have a lot of different activities going on each day there including a caricature booth.

I wasn’t that interested in seeing the opening act of the concert, which was James Blunt. Think long enough about who he is and “You’re beautifullll” will be stuck in your head all day. You’re welcome.

We found our seats (which were surprisingly amazing!) and Ed Sheeran came on stage about 20 minutes later. He opened with his single Castle on the Hill, but it was honestly so loud I could barely hear his vocals. I put in a pair of earplugs that I had in my purse (frequent concert going necessities) and it was 100% better sound quality.

Ed Sheeran

He followed that song up with Eraser and then The A Team where he asked the audience to illuminate the arena with their lighters/cellphones, which made for a beautiful scene.

Ed Sheeran

He did a hybrid of his songs Don’t and New Man, which was amazing and flowed together so well. New Man is one of my favourite songs off his new album ➗ and has some of the funniest lyrics such as, “He's got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached...Your new man rents a house in the 'burb/ And wears a man bag on his shoulder, but I call it a purse.”

Bloodstream has been one of my favourite songs since I first heard it a few years ago. To me it’s one of those songs where you can listen to it on repeat 10 times over and never get bored of it. Here is a clip of the beginning of Bloodstream I took during the show:

Galway Girl has been one of my favourite tracks off his new album before it even became a single, but to be honest I didn't really enjoy the live performance of it. I think it was because it was missing the element of a real band and just him on a loop pedal. I know he can work wonders just using a loop pedal for most songs, but thought this one lacked something.

He broke up the set by sharing to the audience how he and his tour crew like to get chicken wings in each city they visit, so being in Buffalo they definitely had to try some and went to Duff’s Famous Wings in Amherst, NY. He said a few crew members decided to order extremely hot ones, which wasn’t working out too well for them backstage.

I had seen him perform a cover of Feeling Good on YouTube before so I immediately started recording when I heard the first few notes of the song. This was by far the performance I loved the most of the night. He continued on after the song into I See Fire.

Here is the full video I took of of Feeling Good:

Ed Sheeran

I had received the deluxe version of ➗ for my birthday so I was familiar with the song Barcelona. He chose to play this song as his choice song of the night, which was also the US premier of performing it live. Here is a short clip I recorded of the intro:

I really enjoy his music video for Photograph, but was never truly in love with the song. He totally changed my mind during his performance as there was so much emotion in it.

Before he sang Nancy Mulligan he told a story about his grandmother and grandfather being together for 60+ years before his grandfather passed and how his grandmother still goes out and plays golf, which had the crowd laughing.

I figured he would switch up the set list each night, especially considering some dates he’s playing the same venue twice, but I refrained from looking up the set list online because I wanted to be completely surprised with the show. The entire set list can be found at this website.

He then played Thinking Out Loud and Sing, before coming out for an encore of Shape of You and You Need Me, I Don't Need You. I knew he played that song as his final song on a previous tour so part of me wasn’t even expecting it to be in the set, but I was so happy it was as it’s one of my most listened to songs of his. The best online version I’ve seen of it can be found in the story soundtrack.

Video clip of intro and first verse of You Need Me, I Don’t Need You:

I absolutely would attend another Ed Sheeran concert, but part of me hopes it would be in a smaller venue. I understand a huge arena accommodates every fan who wants to see him, but it would just be more intimate for his type of music to see it on a smaller scale.

Open Mic:

1. What’s your favorite Ed Sheeran song?

2. Any suggestions of local places to eat before a show at KeyBank Center?

3. Do you prefer concert venues that are outdoors or more arena style?

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