Stone Sour & Korn: The Serenity of Summer Tour

Stone Sour & Korn: The Serenity of Summer Tour

Budweiser Stage

Toronto, ON

July 25th, 2017


Story Soundtrack:

- The Resistance by Skillet

-  Gone Sovereign / Absolute Zero by Stone Sour

- Black Is The Soul by Korn


My Mom asked me a legitimate question once enquiring why musicians play concerts mid-week and not just on the weekends. I replied with the fact it would take them probably more than half a year to complete the same amount of tour dates if they did it that way, and that we’re not in the disco days anymore like she grew up with.

This was one of those concerts I wish my Mom’s ideas of tour life were true as we had to show up late and leave early due to work.

Korn Stone Sour

After a busy week of attending concerts that included Metallica, Hellyeah (No story/photos- camera not allowed into venue) and Sam Hunt, we took the Go Train to Toronto to attend a DED, Skillet, Stone Sour and Korn show on The Serenity of Summer Tour at the Budweiser Stage.

I had purchased two tickets a while ago through Groupon for $60 CAD. This was the first Groupon I’ve purchased for this venue where we received physical seats and not general admission lawn.

Groupon Korn

If fact, there were no lawn seats period, which was quite a strange scene to see after always seeing the grass filled with people. I was honestly surprised at how under attended this show was in general.

Budweiser Stage

We arrived just as Skillet was starting their set with their song Feel Invincible and we easily found our seat. The seats were in the furthest back section of the 400’s but my boyfriend and I had a great view of the stage the whole night. He has a huge crush on Skillet’s vocalist/drummer Jenny so I had to take some photos of her for him (which almost came back to haunt me during Korn’s set which I will explain later).


This was our second time seeing Skillet after watching them perform at Rock On The Range in May. I must admit Jenny is a great singer and her vocals remind me a lot of Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf. I was familiar with a majority of their set list as they are in heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s Octane and included Back From The Dead, Sick Of It, Monster and their newest, The Resistance.


Once their set ended we set out to find food as we were starving. This was the first time attending this location under its new name Budweiser Stage instead of the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. The biggest changes we noted were in regards to food options. Normally the only food available was concession stand type items like burgers, fries, nachos, pizza, etc.

One difference we noticed right away was also the increased cost of alcohol….a tall can was $16 CAD! No thanks.

For the concert we attended they had about 4-5 different food truck vendors set up just outside the seating area.

We decided on Chimney Stax, which consisted of a menu of savory or sweet ingredients inside of a bread roll that looked like it was baked on a rotisserie style machine. We chose the pulled pork one that had a horseradish sauce and a coleslaw blend in it, and a second one that was a caprese salad style. Both were delicious and they were $12 CAD and $10 CAD respectively.

This was our second time seeing Stone Sour after attending the Rock On The Range Kick Off Party back in May. I have to admit that after seeing them perform previously in such an intimate venue of 2,000 in attendance in contrast of such a large, open, outdoor space it just didn’t have the same impact on me.

The sun was setting as the band took the stage so it was hard to take pictures as a lot of them were washed out. Although the setting put me off, the performance was by no means bad. Corey Taylor said he might not look as energetic as usual as he hurt his knee earlier in the day, but you would have never known any different watching him perform.

An exciting moment during the show included guitarist Johny Chow’s proposal to his girlfriend (she said yes!).

Stone Sour

Corey Taylor’s vocals were amazing especially on their song Made Of Scars. While filming part of the song I noticed that his son was side stage singing along with him, which was cool as he was so into it. I also saw this again later in the concert during Fabuless. You can see this in the compilation video I took below.

They only played three songs off their new album Hydrograd, which I was surprised by, but I’m suspecting it’s because they will introduce them on their upcoming headlining fall tour instead. I didn’t have plans on attending the show that was announced close to me, but after attending this show part of me wants to go now.

One way I always differentiate a place and time is clothing people are wearing in photos. Since Jonathan Davis had proven time and time again to me that he only owns one shirt I’m unable to do this with Korn concerts. Since starting this blog I have seen them three times: The Return Of The Dreads Tour, Rock On The Range 2017 and now.


I was so excited to finally get to hear Black Is The Soul live as it’s my most listened to song off their newest album The Serenity of Suffering. It didn’t disappoint me hearing it live, but I was a bit let down that not many songs off the album were in the set list as only three songs made the cut.


I don’t know what it was but my favourite song of their set was Coming Undone even though I think I’ve heard that one at every show of theirs I’ve ever been so. The combination of the sound, lights, aggressiveness of the performance made it standout and memorable.

They played a really long set, but we had to catch a 10:50pm Go Train back home so we missed some of their encore. I was able to see their performance of A Different World and Corey Taylor came back onstage to sing his parts, which were amazing.

I took a video of the duet (my battery died the moment it ended- this is where I was cursing all the Jenny photos from earlier), but unfortunately the video didn’t turn out anyway as the sound was just too loud for my little camera to handle.

Here are some screen caps instead:

I don’t have any concerts planned now until the end of September, but I plan on incorporating some other elements into my blog. I recently just purchased my first house and have been busy with that. I also plan on documenting my packing, moving, house tour and decorating journey.

Open Mic:

1. Which band have you seen perform live the most?

2. What venue have you been to that has the best concession stand food?

3. Do you ever use Groupon to purchase tickets to concerts?

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