End Of Summer Thrift Haul + Tips

End Of Summer Thrift Haul + Tips

“Savin' my money and I'm hella happy that's a bargain, bitch.”- Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


Since one of my favourite types of videos to watch on YouTube are thrift hauls I decide to blog about my finds during my recent two trips to Value Village. Don’t expect to find any change room try-on footage on this blog though. Who really looks good after flinging on and off 30 things over their head standing in bad lighting?


I received an email from my local Value Village saying National Thrift Shop Day was coming on Thursday August 17th where mostly everything would be 50% off. Since I am a Super Savers Club Member (sounds way more fancier than it is) I would be able to shop on the previous Sunday before the general public.

I do my fair share of thrift shopping, but I do find Canadian thrift stores, and Value Village in particular, very expensive for second hand items. I’m always so jealous watching American thrift haulers who get beautiful dresses for under $5 USD, that they have Goodwill’s that charge based on weight, or the different coloured tags that have corresponding discount days. None of that exists in any of my thrifting experiences and I’ve been at it for years, so when 50% almost everything presented itself to my best friend and I we jumped on it.

Haul #1

This first lot is items I purchased a week earlier with my Mom when strictly summer items were 50% off. All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.


I’m a huge Sons of Anarchy TV series fan so when I found this t-shirt in brand new condition I literally went skipping over to my Mom’s cart with it to show her. She had no clue what SAMCRO meant so she was very confused. ($1.74)


One of my close friends is moving to London this fall for school and is having a going away party. I came across this t-shirt and thought it would be perfect to wear to the event. I plan on cutting the neckline into a scoop neck because it’s a bit of a choker on me. ($3.49)


This cat face t-shirt was originally from Walmart as part of their Halloween merchandise, but I would legit wear this in every season I thought it was so cute. ($2.99)

Value Village

I had been looking for a flannel shirt that was oversized yet was structured at the same time because most of the ones I found were unflattering, or weren’t real plaid but plaid looking material. This one fit my description perfectly and was $8.99 not on sale. I go through black tank tops on the daily so I picked up this brand new one for $1.24. 


I bought a plain black fitted t-shirt to pair with high-waisted skirts for $2.49 and this pink and fake black lace design tank top is originally from Suzy Shier. ($3.49)

Value Village

This other brand new tank top was made in Canada and is sold at an expensive store in my local mall I never go in. It was only $2.24.

I also picked up this oversized loose fitting black shirt to wear to concerts that had nice lace detailing down the back. I thought it would pair nice with lighter washed shorts and combat boots. ($2.99)

Can you sense a black theme here at all???

My Mom picked this one out for me (of course she would try to introduce colour into my wardrobe), but it was actually really cute on. My Mom saw it still for sale at Walmart when she went recently so it must be a newer item. ($1.24)

Value Village
Value Village

I randomly spotted this skirt when I was walking back from the bathroom and hoped it would fit me. ($4.99- not on sale)


I’m not one to work out at a gym, but I liked these shorts ($2.99) to work around the house in, and I could use a new sports bra ($2.49) since the cups in mine like to turn into a fruit roll-up on me after a few too many washes. 


Total Spent= $40.55 Total Savings= $22.00

Haul #2

My boyfriend is hard to shop for because he is really tall and most things are too short on him, but when I found a never worn looking winter jacket for him in an 2XL Tall I decided to take a chance on it. It was $11 and it ended up fitting him perfectly. When I got home I looked up the brand (L.L. Bean) online and the same jacket currently retails for $199!!!

I also found a plain black windbreaker for myself (it was in the men’s section even though it’s a ladies XL) for $2.99.

Value Village

See…I do wear some colour…it just also includes elements of back.

Flower Shirt= $3.49

Toucan Bird Shirt= $3.50

Cheetah Cardigan Combo= $3.99


The Forever 21 Dress that I questioned if I look like a gardener in was $6.49.

I thought this grey fringed shirt would be cute to wear at hot outdoor summer concerts or as a cover-up at the beach. ($1.99)


When I see the words “Sephora” I automatically stop and see what it is. Ironically I found this in the men’s backpack section. I researched this and read it was part of a promo of a store opening in Toronto and features a Kat Von D design on the other side. ($3.49)

I recently purchased an iPod Touch 5 and had been struggling to find a case to fit it since it's an older model. I found this one in the electronics section still in its case for $3.99- only item not on sale. It's from the brand Griffin. I haven’t tried to fit it yet, but if it works I don’t care I’m using it!


Total Spent= $53.55 Total Savings= $43.50

Thrift Tips

(I know these are things that can be found anywhere on the internet but these are ones I’ve personally used)

- Give yourself plenty of time to shop so you can look at everything in detail and not feel rushed. I was shopping/trying items on for 3+ hours during these two hauls.

- Look in every department. I literally search in every section of the store, as you never know where something can be hiding. I found the SAMCRO and London t-shirts in the men’s section and the red plaid shirt in the “Grandma” section.

- Look in all clothing sizes and not just the one you think you are. The workers label the items by 0-2, 2-4, 4-6, etc. They are basing this off the tag already in the item. One brand can label an item a 6 and another brand can label the exact same sized item a 10 and the thrift store will label it whatever the brand has said it is. Some people will also try to hide items they like in size XS or XXL for example so they potentially don’t get found in the common sizes.

- Make sure you look at the armpits, neck and label quality of the clothes as they are the telltale signs of wear of an item. If they are discolored from deodorant, pilled or have holes in them I don’t bother with it.

- One tip I now use that I got from YouTuber salamanda is to look at the items put back outside the change room racks. These are items that have already been found by other shoppers and are usually filtered for good quality.

I’m in the process of moving from my childhood home into my own house at the end of next month so I really should be downsizing my closet, but these finds were too good to say no to.

Happy Thrifting!

Open Mic:

1. What is your favorite second hand store to thrift in?

2. Do you have any tips to share about thrift shopping?

3. What was your best find at a second hand store?


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