Dallas Stars @ Buffalo Sabres Hockey Game

Dallas Stars @ Buffalo Sabres Hockey Game

KeyBank Center

Buffalo, NY

January 20, 2018


I will pretty much never say no to attending a hockey game, so when my best friend Jess suggested we go watch the Dallas Stars play the Buffalo Sabres last weekend I immediately said yes. We decided to bring along our boyfriends this time, which may have been a bad idea when the team you’re watching includes a roster of Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin ;)

Buffalo Sabres

This was Jess’ fiance's first NHL game and Dallas ending up winning 7-1, so it probably wasn’t the best representation of a great hockey game for him. We had a fun afternoon though consisting of consuming great drinks, trying tasty food and a $50 USD casino win for Jess!

We started off our morning early and arrived in Buffalo around 10:30am. The boys signed up for a social club card at Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino, which would allow them to receive the $10 free slot play they offer with presentation of a ticket stub after the game. This is through their Ticket Free Play Exchange promotion, which I mentioned in my Pittsburgh Penguins @ Buffalo Sabres post last month.

Jess ended up winning $50 USD almost immediately on a slot machine after just a few spins and she decided to take the money and quit. We left the casino and started walking just down the street towards to arena. It was still 30 minutes before the doors would open so we decided to go into a bar called Buffalo Iron Works. I’ve always wanted to check this place out and we had such a great time. Big winner Jess treated us to a round of drinks.

We stayed there until around noon and then headed across the street to the arena.

KeyBank Centre

I purchased 4 tickets for us through StubHub a few months ago. It came to $131 USD for 4 tickets in Section 302 Row 4. Tip: If you are sitting in the 300 sections of the KeyBank Center only the first two rows of seats are padded and the rest are just basic plastic seats.


This is completely not sponsored, but I also use Ebates when purchasing tickets through StubHub. Through personal use I find the cash back ranges between 1%-4% and at the time of purchase I earned $9 back. It may seem like not much but I’ll take $9 when a beer at the game is around $11.


The game started off very exciting and was interesting to watch, as it was a close score and very back and forth. During the second period it just took a huge boring nosedive with Dallas consecutively putting the puck to the back of the net. You know it’s bad when you get excited to see the team mascot come around your section than to actually watch the game. People were leaving in droves to the point where our whole seating area was deserted.

KeyBank Center

I asked Jess’ fiance what he thought of his first NHL game and he responded that he enjoyed the “good, old fashioned hockey massacre.”

The final body count:

I find all NHL hockey games I’ve watched in person are such a let down. I always watch game highlight reels online or on SportsCentre and the arena just seems exhilarating and the players are on fire on the ice. This game seemed like an amateur beer league match up. I think I need a change of arena scenery.

I randomly took this photo of Jess’s cell phone (the one she dropped about 4 times cheering on Dallas) and it had a cool reflection of the Canadian flag on the screen.


We left the car parked and walked around 15 minutes from the arena to Pearl Street Grill & Brewery. It was absolutely freezing out, but not snowing or raining out for once.


We thought about making reservations, but we weren’t exactly sure when the game would be done. It was packed when we arrived, but we were able to get a table around 30 minutes later.

We’ve all ate here numerous times before, but we decided to order some new items mixed in with our old favorites.

A girl I work with recommended the Giant Pretzel ($10.95 USD). It comes with 3 dipping sauces- mustard, gouda cheese and a brewer’s secret sauce. We also split the Buffalo Chicken Dip ($10.95 USD), which I can say was honesty the best version of the dip I’ve ever tried. I find many that I’ve had in the past were very runny and oily, but this one was thicker and really stuck on the veggies and nacho chips.

For the main entree my boyfriend and I split the Chicken Pesto Wrap with chips and wedges ($10.75 USD), which I’ve gotten pretty much every time I’ve been there. It consists of diced chicken breast, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and a pesto mayo. .

The portion sizes are huge here and we knew we were going back to the casino afterwards so we didn’t want to carry any leftovers back. Jess made the mistake of ordering a huge 8-slice pizza for herself that she ended up having to coat check. Yes, that’s right. The security guard literally made her coat check her pizza. I’ve never heard that one before.

None of us were winners with our free play and we left shortly after.

The next game on my hockey schedule is tickets for when the Colorado Avalanche come to Buffalo on February 11th. I purchased these tickets way back in September for $44 USD each for Row 4 in the 300’s section. I made the mistake of checking StubHub this week to see what tickets for that game are going for now and they had Row 4 from the actual ice for the same price I paid for the boonies! I could have been four little rows away from seeing Nathan MacKinnon’s skills up close!

I guess you just never know what games are going to be reasonable and which ones spike in price as the day gets closer. At least I don’t because I always seem to pay more than I should.

If you need me I’ll be glued to my TV this weekend watching the NHL All-Star Skills completion/game where I get to see all my fictional hockey boyfriends up close and helmetless.


Open Mic:

1. If I go on a road trip to attend a NHL game, which arena do you recommend to visit?

2. Do you prefer to watch hockey games in person or would you rather watch it on TV?

3. Will you be watching the NHL All-Star activities this weekend?

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