Asking Alexandria + Black Veil Brides: The Resurrection Tour

Asking Alexandria + Black Veil Brides: The Resurrection Tour

The Rapids Theatre

Niagara Falls, NY

May 18, 2018


Story Soundtrack: 

Vultures by Asking Alexandria

When The Lights Come On By Asking Alexandria

Wake Up by Black Veil Brides


It seems like forever since I’ve written a post for this blog, but in all honestly I haven’t really had anything blog worthy to share. I’m hoping that all changes with the beginning of my summer concert calendar I have planned for the upcoming months.

A few weeks ago I did attend the Protest The Hero Fortress X show in Toronto at The Danforth Music Hall, but I didn’t capture anything that great worth posting. The girl in front of me had this huge top knot on her head and every time I would go to snap a photo my camera would focus on her hair because she was repeatedly jumping up and down. I took a short video clip of Limb From Limb, which I posted on my Instagram account.

Protest The Hero

Before the show my boyfriend and I ate at this rock and roll styled restaurant a few doors down from the Danforth called Factory Girl.  A couple minutes after being seated I realized that Tim Millar and Mike Ieradi from Protest The Hero were sitting at the table next to us. I didn’t ask for an autograph or picture, but I did take a really creepy, stalker-ish panoramic video of the “restaurant”.  

My second concert so far was a few weekends ago attending Asking Alexandria’s The Resurrection Tour with Black Veil Brides and Blessthefall. I was celebrating my 30th birthday that day and went with my boyfriend and best friend Jess (who is the absolute best!). Lead singer Danny Worsnop of AA promotes on Instagram that he will create a short video clip of himself for someone’s birthday/anniversary/just because, etc through As part of my birthday gift Jess purchased a video of Danny wishing me Happy Birthday!

It was such a thoughtful gift and I posted my live reaction to watching the video on my Instagram. I just about died of excitement when he watched the video and commented back!

danny worsnop
Danny Worsnop

Some back-story in attending this show is that when tickets went on sale a few months ago the original location was in London, ON. Since May 18th was my actual birthday I thought it would be an awesome way to celebrate, but London is a few hours away from where I live and we would have to stay over after. Hotels were so expensive since it was the Victoria Day long weekend and there were limited Airbnbs to choose from. After weighing my options I decided to just scrap the whole idea since it was going to cost too much.

Miraculously, in early April AA announced they wouldn’t be performing that London show anymore and changed the venue to Niagara Falls, NY for the same date. I could have done cartwheels! The Rapids Theatre is so much closer to where I live and I’ve attended shows there a handful of times before. It’s a beautiful intimate venue that always has great sound.

Rapids Theatre
Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria

I purchased tickets during The Rapids Theatre VIP presale and it came to $40 USD/each. I love attending shows at this venue like I said, but I hate their lack of communication. They barely respond to anyone’s questions on social media and we never got an answer if AA or BVB were playing first, as it wasn’t obvious since it was promoted as a co-headlining tour. We didn’t want to see the opening band, but decided to leave a bit earlier because of potential border traffic. Re: Canadian long weekend.

Thank God because after we parked I could hear AA blasting out the back doors of the venue. I was hoping it was some sort of sound check, but quickly my heart sank realizing the show had already started. It was only 7:40pm!

We sped through security and then I practically ran inside the venue after barely getting my ticket scanned- not caring that it wasn’t coming up as accepted on their machine.

I asked a girl how long AA had been playing for and she said just since 7:30pm so I didn’t feel as sad now. The venue has two slightly elevated sides you can stand on and then the floor/pit area. Normally I go for the sides so I don’t die, but there was practically nobody there. We walked right up to the front area and had a great view.

Another thing about this venue is sometimes they let purses in and sometimes they don’t and their camera policy isn’t very clear. I had my life crammed into my pockets and Jess and I only had our iPhone cameras to take pictures/videos with so they aren't the best quality. Last time I went to a show there I had to return my items to the car and ain’t nobody had time for that this time around, so I brought in as minimal as possible.

We only ended up missing the first two songs I found out later when reading the set list online.

They played a lot of songs off their new self-titled album, like Vultures and When The Lights Come On, which I knew since I’ve been playing the hell out of that record. The band did a lot of taking in between songs as well and I enjoyed their humorous banter.

It was amusing to watch Jess discover and acquire a crush on lead singer Andy Biersack of BVB. This was the first time any of us had seen the band play, and I honestly only heard of the band after AA’s Ben Bruce was in a movie with him this past October called American Satan. We only stayed for 3 songs of their set even though they were pretty good live. After Jess got her fill of Andy we headed back to Canada where I had a large slice of birthday cheesecake waiting for me to devour.

Here is a short video compilation I made from clips Jess and I took during the show: 


Open Mic:

1. What is your favorite small venue to attend concerts?

2. Have you ever missed a set of your favorite band due to lack of information of set times?

3. What concerts are you attending this summer?

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