Life & Blog Goals For 2018

Life & Blog Goals For 2018

As a self-proclaimed procrastinator I’m actually quite impressed with myself that I’ve come this far with my blog. I had pre-written around seven stories before it went live in May 2017, which was recommended by a lot of websites to do. After hitting the publish button I was worried I wouldn’t have any more interesting content to write about, but as time went on the more concerts and events I went to allowed me to share my life adventures.

I started my blog as a combination of an elaborate Facebook photo album and a TripAdvisor review mash up for others who share similar interests that I do.

I’m glad I stuck with it despite at sometimes having writer's block, issues uploading to the website host at times, and overall a lack of time to produce the quality content I want with working a full time job at the same time.  

In order to advance my blog this year I’m reflecting on some personal life goals to work on and my aspirations for what I want this blog to become.

Life Goals:  

Go To Sleep Earlier/ Wake Up Earlier


The early bird can get the worm for all I care, but I would like to start waking up a bit earlier so I’m not so frazzled in the morning. I’m the type of person that will roll out of bed at the last minute possible that is required, but then as soon as I’m fully awake I regret not getting up earlier to eat breakfast and you know, actually do my hair.

In order to achieve an earlier rise it starts with me going to bed earlier. I’m a night owl and do my best work at night so it will take some adjusting.

Work Out/ Get In Shape


I know almost everyone makes a New Year’s resolution to go to a gym, workout and lose weight. Most also fail within the same month after going hardcore the first few weeks. I’m not looking to lose 30 pounds or get ripped by any means, but I would like to get toned. I’m in a friend’s wedding in May and don’t want my arms to keep waving after I stop. I’m going to try achieving this by attending some Zumba classes. I did this a few years ago before I went on a trip and I loved the results this type of workout gave me. I need to buy some runners though as it’s hard to work out when all you wear is skater shoes and combat boots…

Organize My House/ Minimalist Lifestyle


I moved into my own house back in September and I still have two rooms that should have a DO NO ENTER sign on their doors. These are the two rooms in my house that I put everything that doesn’t have a spot yet. I’m in the process of designing an IKEA office for the smaller of the two rooms. Once the desks/drawers and cabinets are built it will allow me to get rid of the boxes littering the floor and I can start utilizing the space.

Since moving in I’m also trying to maintain a minimalist lifestyle and not clutter up my house with unnecessary items. If you saw my packing up my room blog post you would think this would be unattainable, but I’m trying really hard to declutter my living space.

Reinvent My Makeup Style


The first makeup YouTuber I ever subscribed to, and still do, was xsparkage. This was back in 2007 and she created the most colourful, vibrant and exciting makeup tutorials that I would watch each week, and then attempt to recreate the look. Before her videos I never even knew what MAC and Sephora was. I find now when I go to do my makeup it’s always a very safe, basic, neutral look with no pop of colour.

I recently just binge viewed old photos of myself on Facebook and forgot about all the bold eye looks I used to create and it made me want to start doing them again. I’m not quite sure why I stopped in the first place, but I’m making it a mission to incorporate it back into my life.

Blog Goals:

I know that all blogs have started small at one point in time and that a successful blog takes time to grow a following. I’m a person that likes to see results right away, so this is something I’m having a hard time with.  I need to remind myself that if I keep posting quality content someone somewhere may read it and it will lead to a larger viewership count.

Research Monetization/ Ads/ Sponsors


I want to start early with this aspect of blogging. I don’t want to be missing out on any possible income opportunities. I felt like I was posting detailed reviews on TripAdvisor for 3 years, which helped other travelers but I personally never got anything out of it in return.

I recently read about Travel Blog Exchange- a convention being held in Corning, NY in September that allows you to network with other bloggers and companies to grow your brand. I throw these words like networking and sponsors around as if I know what I’m actually talking about when I really don’t. That’s why I think it would be a perfect event to go to and observe how it all works.

Consistency With Posting Timeframes


Rewinding to the first sentence in this post, that I am a huge procrastinator, has been one of my downfalls on the blog. I want to post about an event right after it happens, but sometimes find I have no free time to complete it within a quick turnaround time. If I’m more consistent with my updates and posting on social media I feel like I will gain more followers since the content will be relevant. I also find a lot of bloggers do focus on one thing within their website (strictly beauty, food, fashion, or home décor, etc), but I created this blog to share all aspects of my life and favourite things, so I’m going to keep doing the style of content that I’ve been posting.

I currently have tickets to 3 upcoming NHL games, a Marilyn Manson concert and I’m working on a gift giving guide for the blog. I also am going to have fun putting together that IKEA furniture I mentioned. *sarcasm*

Vlog Style Blog Posts


I post short compiled video clips of concerts I go to on my YouTube channel, but have never actually been on camera myself. I think this is because, like most people, I can’t stand to watch or listen to myself on camera. I do think some of the places I visit would be cool to actually vlog some footage of instead of just taking photos of it. Sometimes I come across a channel and think, “I could do that!” I think I just need to set my mind to it and learn how to improve as I go.

Expand My Social Media Outlets


Right now I currently only advertise my website through Instagram as it’s my favourite one to use. I find it easy to upload, edit, tag and post images that represent who I am and what my blog content is about. As mentioned on the previous point I do upload some videos to YouTube that link back to my website. I personally hate Twitter and I’m really into my own personal Facebook page and don’t want to be running two of them.

Since I post a lot of photos on my blog I’m thinking the best one to get into is Pinterest. I can sort my photos by event and create a board for each trip/project. I think it could increase traffic to my site best.

Remember To Have Fun With Blogging!


If it’s not fun then what’s the point in doing it right?

I never started my website to obtain followers, receive likes or gain monetary rewards from my stories. It is a creative outlet for me to post my life’s travels to the world on a larger scale than my personal Facebook page, and for myself to look back and see what I’ve experienced throughout my travels.

I know not everyone will have an interest in the variety of topics I write about, but I have to think there are other people out there like me who like to save money while traveling, listen to loud rock music, enjoy going to hockey games and doing DIY stuff. If I can make a few bucks while doing it though why not? More money to thrift with ;)

Open Mic:

1. What are some of your life goals for 2018?

2. Are you someone that likes to just read blogs or would you prefer if the blogger vloged as well?

3. What type of content interests you the most?

* Images are royalty free via Pixabay.

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